ROAD closures that were suspended earlier in the coronavirus pandemic in a south Powys town centre will be re-introduced later this month.

Temporary coronavirus-related road closures on Brecon’s Struet and High Street Superior, which were suspended temporarily as Wales entered Alert Level Four lockdown, will be re-introduced from Monday, April 12, as Wales gradually moves out of Covid-19 restrictions.

As part of the closures, barriers will be placed across the road between 12noon and 4pm each day. The road closure allows enough space during the busiest part of the day to ensure safe social distancing can be adhered to on the street while still allowing time in the mornings and after 4pm for delivery and other vehicles to use the road.

The Struet and High Street Superior will join the existing coronavirus-related road closures that are already in place on George Street, Lion Street and Castle Street in the town.

All temporary road closures will only remain in effect while Welsh Government coronavirus restrictions are in place, with the town centre returning to normal when it is safe to do so.

Matthew Perry, the council’s head of highways, transport and recycling, said: “There is no quick fix to recover from this global pandemic and we must accept that social distancing and the need for personal protection measures will be with us for some time.

“To ensure our local businesses remain viable we must do our best to keep everyone safe, allowing pedestrians and shoppers the space they need to stay safe and visit the town centres with confidence.

“To make sure our town centres remain both resilient and safe during the coronavirus pandemic, it has been necessary to find practical solutions to allow businesses to trade while ensuring social distancing measures can be maintained. We will be reviewing the current closures in conjunction with the town council and businesses over the coming weeks to evaluate any changes that are necessary to ensure the town centre remains safe, but also supports and enhances the economy of Brecon town.

“Together with the local councillors, our town centre liaison officers have been working with the town council, local businesses and communities throughout this process. Their cooperation has been invaluable and very much appreciated.”