REVELLERS have been commended by Dorstone residents for tidying up their mess after an illegal rave.

The illegal rave took place in the Golden Valley on Vagar Hill on Saturday night.

Residents claimed that over 100 cars had been parked by people at the illegal rave.

Yesterday (Sunday) police dispersed the rave and seized music equipment.


Dorstone resident Scott Larman attended the site this morning (Monday) to clean up any waste.

However, when he arrived there was little more than a few bin bags to tidy away.

"The partygoers have done a very good respectful job of tidying," he said.

"There is no mess and when I came up there yesterday everybody I was speaking to was respectful.

"I saw people actually tidying actively during the party and people were genuinely very polite and friendly.

"I'm a local resident and very sympathetic to this sort of thing and think it's quite romantic and exciting.

"This party has left no trace and I think it has been a good thing."

Fellow Dorstone resident Tom Arnott said that the revellers had been 'perfectly respectful'.

He took the left over bin bags away in a pickup truck.

"It was very tidy around where they had been dancing with just a few bin bags of rubbish left," added Mr Arnott.

"I went walking in the village last night and bumped into a handful of people.

"They were lovely and polite and just asked where they could get a bus, I just laughed.

"They seemed perfectly respectful and were quite happy.

"I think police dealt with it very well with a softly approach.

"They (the revellers) really have tidied up after themselves very well and I think when they were being moved on by police they didn't have the time or facility to take the bags of rubbish.

"There wasn't a huge amount and it all fitted in my pickup truck and was just cans and bottles, nothing unpleasant.

"If you walk up there now there is no sign of the rave."