Litter pickers have collected more than 20 sackfuls of rubbish, including some unusual items, from lanes and roadsides in the Llangynyw area.

Armed with pickers and large sacks, residents were out in force by taking part in the annual litter pick to keep grass verges looking spick and span before the summer.

"Some interesting items were found, including a bicycle tyre and a number plate, but on the whole it was fast food rubbish - wrappers, cans and bottles. Oh, and scratch cards, handily torn into small pieces," said Carrie, one of the litter pickers.

"More than 20 sackfuls were collected, much of the rubbish being sorted for recycling and the remainder being taken to Potters.

"Thanks to Mike Ostrowski, Minffordd of Llangynyw Community Group, for organising, and to everyone who helped. Well done, Llangynyw."