Another torrent of Liberal Democrat paperwork cascades on to our doormats; it must be election time.

We see the usual distorted charts showing why the Lib Dems are ‘winning here’ and the usual ‘two horse races’ – despite the fact that they came fourth in one of their two horse races a few years ago?

If the Lib Dem paper chase had any merit it could offer significant help to the printing industry in Wales.

However, our self-professed champions have their leaflets printed in Dundee or Peterborough.

In true Lib Dem style they try to cover up the ‘offence’ by leaving out the city name and using only the post code. Pathetic – but typical.

Sadly, the leaflets offer nothing by way of constructive suggestion as to why a vote for a Lib Dem candidate in Cardiff Bay would do anything other than condemn Brecon and Radnorshire to another five years in the political and economic wilderness.

When Brecon and Radnorshire elected a Liberal Democrat to represent us in Cardiff in 2016, within days she had joined the Welsh Labour Government and we have paid the price ever since.

Let’s not make a similar mistake in 2021.

Robert Wheatcroft