ONE of Montgomeryshire's most beloved part time residents has returned in time for spring.

Telyn the osprey returned to Machynlleth's Dyfi Osprey Project's nest on Friday with a live stream capturing the moment of his homecoming.

The project began in 2009 with the aims of supporting and conserving the osprey population in Wales and delivering an osprey project with communities at its heart.

More than 30,000 people visited the project base that year as ospreys began to circle overhead.

One was dubbed Monty who would become all the more famous among bird spotters and the following year Scraggly, a younger osprey, was seen at the site with the two becoming nest neighbours.

2011 was a very special year for the Dyfi Osprey Project.

Monty's return was followed by the arrival of a young female who soon became known as Nora.

Monty lands on his favourite branch. Picture: Dyfi Osprey Project.

Monty lands on his favourite branch. Picture: Dyfi Osprey Project.

The nest cameras allowed the public to witness the arrival of the first osprey eggs and chicks on the Dyfi for centuries.

Monty and Nora successfully raise three chicks - Einion, Dulas and Leri.

All three chicks left the Dyfi with satellite trackers on their backs and provided a fascinating insight into the migrations of young ospreys.

Monty and Nora had another chick the following year - Ceulan.

Monty and new mate Glesni had two chicks in 2013 who became known as Cerist and Clarach and the following year two more, Gwynant and Deri and in 2015, Merin, Celyn and Brenig were added to the growing family.

The family continued to thrive and in 2016 Ceri and Tegid hatched, followed by Aeron and his sisters Menai and Eitha in 2017.

In 2018 Monty and new mate Monty and Telyn laid three eggs and went on to raise three strong chicks, Alys, Helyg and Dinas and followed by Berthyn, Peris and Hesgyn in 2019.

Monty did not return in 2020 and Telyn had a new mate, Idris.

The return of Telyn means all now await the return of Idris and hopefully more chicks will hatch this summer. To keep up to date follow the live stream at