Will Russell George apologise for calling Wales’ circuit breaker lockdown “disproportionate and damaging”?

Last October, Russell George towed his party line and was one of the many Conservative MS’s lining up to condemn the Labour-Liberal Democrat government for introducing a ‘circuit breaker’ or ‘firebreak’ lockdown as cases surged across Wales while the Conservative government in Westminster continued to pretend another lockdown would not be necessary.

Now, the think-tank the Resolution Foundation has estimated the delay to introducing another lockdown in England caused an estimated 27,000 extra deaths.

My question is will Russell George issue a public apology to the Welsh government and his constituents for condemning the firebreak lockdown?

I imagine he will try and make excuses that he did not know about the new variant at the time, but regardless it was common sense surging cases in cities eventually spread out to rural area, the very first wave taught us even that.

Richard Derricutt