I can barely contain my delight after receiving the 20/21 council tax bill, which includes a 5.76 per cent hike in police expenditure.

Finally, Dyfed Powys is getting the extra 42 police officers it needs to continue ruining lives over minor drug infractions, or committing people with severe mental health and alcohol dependency issues to 18 weeks in prison.

I have no doubt in my mind that David Kates-Lowick (County Times front page story March, 19) will really benefit from an extended jail sentence for nuisance behaviour, as opposed to something more holistic like alcohol recovery and therapy.

There is no way that his repeated calls to 101 were a desperate cry for help. I’m sure it’s because he’s simply just a wrong ‘un, that needs to learn the hard way.

I am relieved to know that an extra 42 police are patrolling the streets of Powys, and I’ve never felt more protected.

It’s really reassuring to know that if I fall upon hard times, and my already frail mental state is sundered by some external factor, there will be enough police officers to drag me away to prison, where inmate suicide rates are currently surging.

Just the tincture I would need, surely.

I would absolutely hate it if that money were spent on increased mental health support, economic relief, or crime prevention.

My favourite thing about UK policing is how it’s proven time and time again to be entirely ineffectual at tackling the root causes of crime.

Truly it is the British way to see a systemic issue, and invest everything into fruitlessly tackling the symptoms rather than the issue itself.

I look forward to throwing my money into the hungry fire that is the policing budget for many more years, and seeing absolutely no return.

Don’t anyone dare suggest something radical like abolishing the police and replacing the institution with community support infrastructure that tackles the root causes of crime and provides appropriate support to people in need, rather than criminalising the most marginalised people in our society.

I may only be one pay check away from homelessness, but like a true blue Brit, I will throw absolute scorn on anyone less fortunate than me.

Elgar Wits,