Ham? Pepperoni? Mushrooms? Honey?

Many are the options to try when you're going out for a pizza – but the sweet toast-topper is surely a new one on anybody's list.

But bosses at Severn Pizza in Newtown reckon they're breaking new ground by lashing a bee-autiful bonanza from Newtown's Hilltop Honey on top of their latest creation.

Perhaps it was the hunger. Perhaps it was the desire to get out of the house even if just for a takeaway. Perhaps it was just the chance to go to Severn Pizza.

But when I was asked to become the County Times' stand-in pizza critic, who was I to say no?

Firstly to the service. It goes without saying the award winning pizzeria is only allowed to operate a takeaway business at the moment but it was good to see them so busy and hopefully, the time to reopen fully is not far away.

I will admit to feeling somewhat pessimistic about the prospect of a honey-topped pizza.

County Times:

Scott Davies of Hilltop Honey

Perhaps it is my age. Maybe it's my tendency to associate pizza with drunken nights out from years long past.

But this was a good-looking pizza.

I suppose I thought it would be almost glazed and almost impossible to eat without getting your fingers coated in honey, before bounding home with a swarm of hungry wasps trailing behind.

But that was not the case.

Instead the sweetness of the honey somehow managed to bring out the flavour of the vegetables with which it shared a base, to make for a wonderful taste sensation.

The pizza did not quite melt in your mouth but, almost like Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, it was absolutely moreish.

County Times: Newtown Pizza Palour has been awarded Wales Take Away of the year...Pic is. Andy Meek..

Andy Meek at Severn Pizza

Since the original article about the new honey topped pizza available at Severn Pizza a few readers were quick to state honey-topped pizzas are not quite a world-first – and that Cardiff has led the way on this 'delicacy' in recent years.

I would personally argue that is not relevant given the number of things available in Cardiff compared to the rest of Wales would definitely exceed every possible pizza topping option in the world if they were all listed.

So while the Newtown offerings may not be Wales' first honey topped pizza I would argue they are a strong contender for the best.