Powys' vaccination programme is about to accelerate with "big supplies" of first doses set to arrive in the county.

As the local vaccination roll-out hit another milestone, with 70,000 jabs now administered, the county is now set to see its roll-out accelerate.

In the latest bulletin issued by Powys Teaching Health Board, chief executive Carol Shillabeer said: "Our vaccination programme has now exceeded 70,000 doses in Powys, and 15,000 people have received double dose protection.

"With big supplies of first dose vaccines reaching the county this week and next, we should also see a big rise in that first dose figure by the end of March.

"This week sees a big focus on vaccination for people in Priority Group 6 (underlying health conditions, unpaid carers) and Priority Group 7 (aged 60 to 64).

"This also includes a reserve list for people in Priority Groups 7 and 8 who are able to attend one of our mass vaccination centres at short notice.

"We also have a lot of second dose vaccinations to deliver this week. Already over half of people in Priority Groups 1 and 2 have received their second dose, and we currently have the highest rates in Wales for double dose protection."

More than two thirds of people in the top nine priority groups have been jabbed, she said.

"I remain truly thankful to everyone who has taken up the offer of vaccination," she said.

"And also to our teams who every day are making those green and blue bars even bigger.

"Over two thirds of people in Priority Groups 1-9 have already received the first dose, and we are approaching one in five people who have double dose protection. Together these groups represent around 99 per cent of preventable mortality from Covid-19."