More than 63,000 coronavirus vaccinations have been administered in Powys, ahead of a big ramp up across Wales.

The milestone means around 40 per cent of the county's population has a level of protection against Covid-19 within the first 13 weeks of the vaccination programme.

Carol Shillabeer, chief executive of Powys Teaching Health Board, said: "We will see a big ramp up in vaccination supplies over the next few weeks. This will not be without its challenges."

People aged 60 to 64 will soon receive an invitation, and many will receive a vaccination before the end of March. Invitations to people aged 55 to 59 and 50 to 54 will begin to land on doormats by mid April, although this is subject to UK vaccine supplies. Invitations have now concluded for people aged 65 to 69. These appointments were affected by changes in UK supplies. The health board has apologised that some appointments are later than originally hoped.

Mass vaccination centres will be delivering first dose AstraZeneca and second dose Pfizer/BioNTech. Teams begin second dose AstraZeneca appointments in late March.

More than 10,000 people in the county have been fully vaccinated after receiving their second jab. Figures from Powys Teaching Health Board also show that more than 53,000 have received their first vaccination.

The health board described the uptake of vaccination by people in Priority Groups 1 - people living in a care home for older adults and their staff carers - as "truly staggering".

Latest data from Public Health Wales, shows that more than 95 per cent of people aged over 80 have received their vaccination which is the highest rate for all health boards in Wales.

Powys has also seen the highest uptake of people aged 75 to 79 (95.9 per cent) and the second highest amongst people aged 70 to 74 (94.7 per cent).

Ms Shillabeer added: "We have seen promising signs in recent days and weeks that people’s efforts in following the guidance have helped to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the county. Less than a month ago our seven-day case rate was 120 per 100,000. Today that has reduced to 40 per 100,000.

"But every case is one too many – particularly with the new, more infectious strains of coronavirus circulating."

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