The end of stay at home rules may now be coming in sight, but lockdown measures are still in place in Wales.

And while many of us may have been tempted to stretch the definitions of what essential travel may constitute, the vast majority have been adhering pretty well to the lockdown rules at different stages over the last 12 months.

Alas, that's not true of everybody, and police in Powys have been called into action on a number of occasions to tackle lockdown breaches.

Here, we take a look at some of the wildest excuses for breaking lockdown over the last 12 months – and the brass-necked bunch who just ignored the rules altogether.

1) "I fancied a trip to the seaside"

A driver was pulled over in Llanfair Caereinion during the first lockdown – having driven all the way from Kent for a trip to the Welsh coast.

And to make matters worse, he was on cannabis at the time. He subsequently had his licence removed.

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2) "I wanted to buy some lamb"

Doctors have been heroes during the pandemic, and have repeatedly called on the support of the public to help keep a lid on infection rates.

But during the first lockdown, one medic was stopped by police in Powys having driven all the way from London – to buy some lamb.

He was turned around and sent home.

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3) Party busted

While most people who were hit with lockdown fines tended to be individuals or small groups, one incident of lockdown breaking last summer saw 40 people from across the south of England found together at a property near Presteigne.

Radnorshire Police confirmed the mass gathering, which included people from London, Somerset and Dorset.

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4) Off-road rage

Off-roaders heading into Powys during lockdown have provided a headache for police, and even this week a group was stopped in the Brecon Beacons with six people fined after travelling into the county from Coventry.

Last summer police stopped a group of NINETEEN people who had travelled from Merseyside to go off-roading in the hills near Newtown.

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5) Strange tales

At the height of last year's lockdown, police revealed a number of strange reasons people had given for travelling into Powys against the Government's rules.

One person said they were on their way to collect a new dog – fearing they "wouldn't be a puppy any more" if they left it too long – and another said they were taking food to an elderly relative – but they didn't have an address for them.

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