Bishop's Castle councillor Ruth Houghton has called on the authority to bring empty homes in the county back into use to tackle a shortage.

She has submitted a question for the meeting of the full council which is due to be held on February 25, asking it to take action on the issue.

Cllr Houghton said: "We have a major problem with the lack of affordable homes for local people in Shropshire, both in urban areas and in rural communities such as South Shropshire.

"Building more affordable properties for sale or rent is certainly needed but we also have a great many properties lying empty which could provide people in our local communities with a home."

She also said the council should use the powers within its arsenal to make sure that empty properties are available for use by local people.

"Councils have the power to levy 200 per cent council tax on empty properties and in some instances also have the power to make a compulsory purchase of some properties," Clrr Houghton added.

"Used appropriately this could be a powerful incentive to many owners to bring an empty property back into use.

"There were 648,114 empty properties in England before the pandemic which suggests there are many thousands in Shropshire. Assertive action by Shropshire Council on this issue would go a long way to help many in Shropshire struggling to find a home."