KNIGHTON Rotary Club members will run, walk and bike the height of Mount Everest over the next month in their bid to support educational charity Classrooms in the Clouds.

Rotary club members, who are aged from 55 to 85, will be climbing Everest to raise funds for the charity, which helps provide classrooms and teachers for deprived areas in Nepal and is a cause they have ling supported.

Everest, the tallest mountain on earth, is 8,849 metres ((29,032 feet) above sea level, and rotary club members will cover the equivalent of that distance in kilometres – 8.8km. Their challenge starts on Wednesday, February 23, which is known as World Rotary Day and coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the Rotary organisation in 1905.

Knighton Rotary treasurer Kim Smith said: “Knighton Rotary Club has been supporting Classrooms in the Clouds for several years to help provide classrooms and teachers for deprived areas in Nepal.

“This well-run charity uses funds to employ local tradesmen and teachers to run a number of schools across the Everest region of Nepal.”

Members have decided to take on this challenge by whatever means is available to them, while complying with Covid-19 guidelines. Some will run, some will walk, others will use their bicycles or exercise bikes.

Club president Margaret Thorp added: “This is a significant day in the rotary calendar as it allows us to showcase how our organisation is rooted in the local community, but with a global impact.

“This Everest challenge, as well as rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio worldwide, show how our club supports not only our local communities but also communities across the globe.”

If you would like to support members of Knighton Rotary Club in their fundraising for Classrooms in the Clouds, you can contact treasurer Kim on 01547 540 593 or email

Wales might still be at alert level four lockdown but that hasn’t stopped club members from being active and enjoying club activities.

They have been meeting fortnightly by Zoom and continue to try to make a difference both to our communities and to our own mental health. One of our members, Angela Ellis, has set us a Ready Steady Cook challenge which has been fun, with members and friends given four ingredients to base a three-course meal on. There are some impressive meals that have been created so far.

The club are also still taking entries for their young photographer competition which has five weeks to run. The final date for entries is March 22 and they have had some excellent photos submitted so far.