The push to get everybody in Powys vaccinated against Covid-19 will today hit a major milestone as the 50,000th jab is dished out.

Powys Teaching Health Board has confirmed that so far 47,000 first doses have been distributed, and 2,450 people have gone on to have their second injection.

That means that the number of vaccinations carried out at sites across the county will today hit the 50,000 mark, leaving Powys as the county with the highest per-head vaccination rate in Wales.

The county has seen 7,500 people given their first doses this week – but the board also warned that the roll-out of first jabs will slow this week, having previously hit a peak of 10,000 people per week.

This is because the Pfizer vaccine now needs to be used for second doses, while the AstraZeneca vaccine has not yet reached the peak of its supply and the Moderna product, while cleared for use in the UK, has not yet begun deliveries.

Other updates to the county's vaccine roll-out include:

  • The final invitations for priority group five – 65-69-year-olds – will go out this week so anyone yet to be receive an invitation will need to get in touch with the health board from the end of next week.
  • The reserve list is being closed because the Pfizer vaccine is no longer being used for initial jabs, and the AstraZeneca product is easier to store and handle, so spare doses can be used for anyone who has yet to receive a jab who is in the first five priority groups, and for people receiving invitations in group six.
  • Priority group six invitations are now under way.