Staff and pupils at a school in Welshpool were greeted by a surprise display of affection from their schoolmates on Monday.

Children from Welshpool Church in Wales Primary School had drawn colourful pictures and parents had added messages of thanks for the support they received during the pandemic.

The surprise display was ready and waiting on the school's fence as staff and pupils returned from their half term break – and left staff feeling emotional after a rollercoaster year.

Head teacher Justine Baldwin said: "I couldn't believe it when I arrived at school this morning.

"I had tears in my eyes as I read the lovely messages and looked at the beautiful drawings and pictures.

"It is wonderful to see appreciation for the hard work that all the staff have put into keeping the children learning during such a difficult time. I can't thank the parents enough for organising this – it has meant the world to all of us."

Pupils aged between three and seven began to return to schools across Wales on Monday, after only children of key workers and vulnerable pupils had been attending since Christmas following a spike in coronavirus cases.

Staff have been on hand to support children learning both at home and in the classroom throughout the pandemic, however.

A passage from one poem left on the gates:

Not all superheroes can fly, are strong and wear capes,

They teach our children and tend to their scrapes,

When falling in the playground or help ease their fears,

We know they are safe as you wipe away the tears

Our children and us are lucky to have you

Thank you, staff for all that you do!