A group that has been recording the history of Newtown for more than 30 years needs the help of locals for a new project.

Newtown Local History Group is looking for information and photographs linked to the Monty Club for a book that will be researched and written by an Aberystwyth University student.

Rowan Hughes, a second-year student reading History, has volunteered to compile the history of the two meeting lodges at the Monty Club, formerly the Unicorn Inn and was built in 1800.

Newtown Local History Group would like to know what was the name of the two meeting lodges.

After the First World War there was a Comrade Club, which then became known at the British Legion, but the history group does not know when.

Anyone who can help with information and photographs can email Newtown Local History Group at newtownhistorygroup@yahoo.com.