This week has been so frustrating riding on the road, cars and vans speeding past, cars revving past us, drivers have flipped us off when we have asked them to slow down, an articulated lorry passing us with no attempt to slow down despite two riders asking him to.

But the one that has gotten under my skin the most – a policewoman flew around a corner going at least 40mph and didn’t slow down.

Just today, a van drove past too fast, causing my horse to spook and spin and him to make an emergency stop.

A car drove fast around a bend on a muddy road, zero attempt to slow passing the horses.

How can people be in such a rush to be places that they are willing to risk lives?

There is no need for it.

Unfortunately we have had many incidents recently, particularly near Sawmills/Anchor Road.

We have very well-behaved horses but these incidents make it very dangerous for us.

We have no choice but to use the roads in order to exercise our horses and access our local bridleways.

Many road users forget that horses are half tonne animals with a flight instinct.

Even the best behaved horses can react suddenly, especially when a vehicle passes too close and too fast.

Not only are those individuals risking our lives and that of our horses, but themselves and their passengers and also any road users nearby.

It takes merely a few seconds to slow down and pass safely. Please, please slow down for horses and riders.

Chloe Jones,

Address supplied