Once again our overspending council have demonstrated their total lack of regard for residents. It may be a small thing mentioned here but small things make up the whole.

In the past, once the plastic bags supplied to contain food waste start to run out, there was a yellow notice which was then affixed to the handle of the food waste bin, upon collection a new roll of plastic bags would be supplied direct by the Bin Men.

This system has now been changed without any form of notice to a system whereby residents have to phone the council and order replacement bags.

How are we supposed to know this? If this is some form of cost saving then the object is more than obscure.

Possibly some of our 16 (a number which would seem vastly excessive, four would be more than enough, I don’t suppose there are this number of directors on the board of major industries) town councillors could have advised us of this change.

The ever increasing council tax rises must by now be affecting many residents financially. it seems that there is a total lack of responsibility and ability in the council, bad management is overcome by increasing the council tax levy.

Name and address supplied.