A NEWTOWN man was found in possession of a taser disguised as a key fob.

David Llewellyn Lloyd, 54, of Edwards Field, Newtown, pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon capable of electronic discharge when he appeared at Welshpool Magistrates Court.

Helen Tench, prosecuting, said police officers were executing a drugs warrant at Lloyd's address, and were searching his bedroom when an officer found the key fob.

When he pressed the fob it emitted a crackling noise which made the officer realise it was a taser.

Lloyd denied that it belonged to him, said he had never seen or discharged it, but it was found on top of paperwork in his room. He said he thought someone was trying to get him into trouble.

Paul Inns, defending, said the item belonged to Lloyd's former flatmate who left it behind when he left the property.

"The defendant thought it was a novelty thing", Mr Inns said.

"He certainly had no intention of using it and was surprised when the police came across it. It wasn't used and no harm or distress were caused."

Chaif of the magistrates bench Nerys Jones gave Lloyd a £120 fine and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £34 victim surcharge