WELSHPOOL Town Council will retain public toilets but there might be a charge for using the facilities in future.

Members of the town council met remotely this week to decide on the budget for the next year, and agreed tax payers will not face any hike by keeping the precept at £218.67 on a Band D property.

Speaking after the meeting, Welshpool Castle County Cllr Phil Pritchard said: "It was a very good meeting, the town council has some issues and it will be two or three years before we settle back on an even road.

"One of the main issues is that three years ago we took over the Ann Holloway Day Centre from Powys County Council, but the grant we were given was totally insufficient."

He added: "Welshpool people have faced an increase in the precept in the last two or three years, as the town council took on the day centre and Streetscene - but now the day centre and Streetscene services have gone, it would not be right to increase the precept again so we have done everything in our power not to increase it.

"As far as the public toilets are concerned the Berriew Street toilets are closed full stop, but the Church Street ones will be kept open - there is no threat to them at all, although the hours they are open may change."

A replacement skatepark was also discussed during the meeting, but this becoming a reality will be hinge on grant funding, Cllr Pritchard said.

"The skatepark equipment was old, it was inspected and we were told it had to close right away", he said.

"We have got plans and, and intend to put a new one in, in the future, but at the moment we are applying for grants.

"I must stress that Welshpool Town Council is continuing to work for the benefit of the people of Welshpool, but there are limits to what we can and can;t do financially."