FEARS have been raised that people are travelling into the area to use holiday lets and second homes.

Hay-on-Wye councillor Gareth Ratcliffe received complaints from town residents and people living in the surrounding areas, including Clyro and Clifford.

"There are lots of holiday cottages in the area," said Cllr Ratcliffe.

"We can't have people coming here from London or Bristol.

"It's understandable if people have got a property here they want to visit but we have to ensure the restrictions are followed."

Cllr Ratcliffe has contacted Powys County Council's trading standards about the issue.

They said: "The whole of Wales is in an alert level four area, which is a lockdown situation, and no person may enter or remain in this area without a reasonable excuse.

"Visiting second homes from Bristol or London is not listed in the regulations as a reasonable excuse, and is therefore prohibited."

Cllr Ratcliffe said that with so much information surrounding Covid-19 restrictions it is important that people know the rules.

"For me it's about educating people about the rules and clarifying that message so people don't break the rules without knowing," said Cllr Ratcliffe.

"If people know they are breaking them they could be fined. It's an easy mistake to make with so much information from the UK Government."