MONTGOMERYSHIRE witchcraft existed well into the 19th century.

Such wizards were famed in Banwy valley and around Llanfair Caereinion for their believed powers to remove curses and bad luck.

Among local the most esteemed of the Montgomeryshire mages was a man named Moses Morgan of Brynglas Cottage in Llanfair Caereinion.

Such had been Morgan’s renown when he was too unwell to visit the farm of John Owen of Rhiwgoch he sent his hat to act as substitute.

It was believed a farm in Wenallt was cursed and a new tenant had visited the Llanfair wizard to lift the spell which saw him recite daily incarnations and placing his hand on each of his animals' backs.

A man from Llanerfyl had employed a conjurer to find buried gold in his neighbourhood while another local farmer had paid for a wizard to put a protection spell on his lands to keep away evil and misfortune.

However the most famous of the Montgomeryshire wizards of Reverend Walter Davies of Manafon.

Rev Davies began his wizarding career in the 1700s and was among the most well known authorities on the black arts until his death in 1849 when he was known by all as Gwallter Mechain.

Rev Davies’ fame included several accounts of peculiar goings on in the area.

It is said his maid had sought to leave to get married but when she had looked to pick up her box of belongings they were stuck to the ground and none could dislodge it, forcing the maid to remain for another year as the Reverend had willed.

There is also the story of the Devil of Llanwyddelan.

It is said a young farmer’s daughter had been attacked and killed in the village during the 1800s and such had been the barbarity of the attack and extent of the injuries the devil himself had been suspected as the assailant.

The Reverend is said to have trapped the Devil in a bottle which was corked and buried under an old tree, cursed to remain trapped until the tree met by the River Rhiw.