ONE of Llanidloes’ oldest and much-loved residents celebrated her 100th birthday on Friday.

Chris Power marked the special occasion with cake, balloons and socially-distanced visits from friends and neighbours at her home in Llanidloes on January 8.

The centenarian also received a card from The Queen wishing her a happy birthday on her big day.

The popular Llanidloes resident has received countless messages from locals congratulating her on hitting 100 years – a testament to her popularity among townspeople and her neighbours who described her as ‘phenomenal’ and a ‘true inspiration.’

Stuart Bolton described Mrs Power as a “phenomenal woman and a priceless neighbour”, while Gillian Jones added that the centenarian is a “true inspiration” to everyone.

“An amazing milestone for a lovely lady, who is always in such good spirits,” she said.

Chris lived in Wimbledon for many years and then moved to mid Wales to make Llanidloes her home where she has remained since.

She is the oldest member of the Royal British Legion’s Women’s Section in Llanidloes and has proved she is still firing on all cylinders at 100 years old.

Trudy Davies, from the Royal British Legion’s Women’s Section, said: “She has in the past held many officer posts within the branch, including chairman, secretary and was Poppy Appeal organiser for many years.

“Chris would always be at the forefront of this appeal, supporting and collecting for this very worthwhile event.

“She is a very welcoming member to anyone who supports the legion. Her pride for the legion is second to none.

“Her spirit, enthusiasm and true grit has been a inspiration to us all through the many many years we have known her.”

During her long life, the Llanidloes centenarian has witnessed much change – both locally and nationally.

When she was born, King George V ruled Great Britain during the final throes of the empire.

Welshman David Lloyd George was the Prime Minister in the year of her birth and she has since watched as a further 20 leaders have been elected to rule from No10 Dowing Street.