OBJECTIONS have been made against plans to build business units at the Abermule Business Park.

In November 2020, Powys County Council (PCC) submitted the application to build nine units at the business park which is at the edge of the village, and where a Bulking recycle facility is being built.

This followed a consultation period during September and October.

The application does differ from the outline planning application for six units which was approved along with the Bulking recycle facility in August 2018.

Abermule with Llandyssil Community Council  discussed the proposal at a meeting on December 2.

The letter which has been sent to PCC by Abermule with Llandyssil council clerk, Gwilym Rippon, objects to the proposals on a dozen points.

Mr Rippon, said: “Abermule with Llandyssil Community Council strongly objects to the application.

“We appreciate the consultation was carried out during Covid restrictions; however, councillors and the public were denied the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns when such a meeting could so easily have been arranged virtually.”

Mr Rippon said: “Outline planning was granted for six units across the whole site, this application proposes nine units on only half the site.

“The density and design of the units is industrial and sacrifices quality for quantity.

“Fewer units of a better design, would create a better working environment, and be a more attractive prospect for potential businesses, at the same time improving the visual impact on the entrance to Abermule.”

Mr Rippon added that the community council wants to speak at the planning committee meeting which will decide the application.

In the pre-application consultation report, Louise Evans of PCC Engineering Design Services, said: “With the current Covid 19 restrictions, it would not have been possible to hold a consultation meeting, as we have conducted in the past, but for those who wanted to discuss the proposals with officers, the contact details of the agent were provided with all the consultation documents.

“PCC has both fulfilled its obligations under the regulations, and gone beyond the minimum requirements to do so.

“It is unfortunate that some people believe the consultation exercise was inadequate but there is a limit to what can reasonably and safely be achieved under the current circumstances

“On the whole the units are small in scale and likely to attract business start ups and small scale enterprises."

She added that there was “no desire” for the units planned for Abermule to be as big as those on Newtown’s Mochdre and Vastre Estates.

“We do recognise that this is a regionally important site that has the potential to bring forward opportunities for smaller scale business and that’s what is being prepared,” said Ms Evans.