A horticultural business has been given permission to build a cafe at Garthmyl near Montgomery.

King’s Nurseries, which is near the Lakeside Golf Club, believes that the 271 square metre cafe could create up to to three jobs, one full time and two part time.

Concerns had been raised that the site is in a flood zone, near Llifior Brook, and the cafe will be in an area with potential to flood.

The applicant’s agent Frederick Carter had said that the cafe would be “raised up”, and measures will be put in place to deal with the volume of water displaced by the development.

Planning officer Angharad Richards, said: “The concerns raised by an objector regarding recent flooding incidents from the Llifior Brook and impact of the proposed development on flood water are noted.

“The objector also suggests that the café could be established elsewhere at the nursery where it would not interfere with the safe flow of water in times of flood.

“However, based on the technical advice provided by the statutory consultee, NRW (Natural Resources Wales), the flooding consequences associated with the proposed development are considered to be acceptable.”

She believed that refusing the application on the grounds of flood risk would be difficult to defend.

Ms Richards added: “The proposal is considered to comply with the relevant planning policies and, therefore, it is recommended that consent is granted subject to the following conditions.”

Kings Nurseries opened on the site to the general public in 2008, selling bedding plants and horticultural supplies.

The company have said that since 2017 that visitor numbers to the centre has grown.

They wanted to open a cafe to provide refreshment for visitors.

In a design and access statement that supported the application, Mr Carter said:  “The proposals will provide employment to the area, the works will be carried out using local labour and materials sourced locally.

“The business has grown substantially over the short period since moving to the site, this additional growth will support the existing business allowing for increased development and diversity to the site with the potential to grow the local economy my providing additional employment for the area.”