Well reports for WI have been sadly missing during these strange times. All our planned events have been put on hold indefinitely as who knows when life can get back to any sort of normality??

One of our highlights for 2020, (our only highlight really!!), was a St David’s Day lunch which was held on 1st March (surprise surprise), thankfully prior to any lockdowns. This was a very successful & enjoyable afternoon & was enjoyed by all who attended.

We continue to keep in touch with members throughout the past nine months and have on three occasions met up in the local car park for a brief, socially distanced meeting and chinwag which has been nice but not ideal and difficult for some of our members to attend.

Let’s hope 2021 and the possibility of a breakthrough vaccine will bring some closure and hope for the future.

Sending all good wishes to all the WI ladies out there and their families and hoping that you all stay safe and well.

Keep your spirits up and all the best for a healthy and uplifting Christmas and a substantially better New Year 2021.