I read with increasing incredulity of the continued hypocrisy of Fay Jones in her most recent column in the County Times where she states that she would be prepared to resign from Government (not to resign as an MP, and who would when you’re earning £81,932) and vote against if any material threat to farming ever occurs.

However, she then justifies her actions of voting against the very amendments that seek to preserve food standards and the welfare of livestock as they would risk some of the trade deals we already have in place.

Perhaps in a future column she could list these and tell us how they will benefit Welsh farming compared to having a deal with the EU more closely aligned with current food standards.

Still, given another U-turn by the Government on free school meals in England, no thanks to either Ms Jones or Craig Williams, and the departure of Dominic Cummings from Number 10 she may not have to resign if a more pragmatic view appears in Westminster.

As Steve Boyd pointed out in his excellent letter on the same page when he compared two conflicting statements made by Liz Truss, firstly as DEFRA Secretary and then more recently as International Trade Secretary, it is easy to see how Ms Jones manages to espouse her high ideals of protecting farming whilst at the same time allowing trade deals to be done with America which allows food imports of a significantly lower standard to our own and that produced in the EU.

She may fool herself in this way but there will be many others she won’t fool.

Malcolm Whitehead