A PLANNING application has been submitted to Powys County Council seeking permission to construct a trio of lodges on land at Upper Pengraig, Llanfair Caereinion

The proposed site is currently an agricultural field in a rural location known locally as Maesmawr and it is hoped the proposed holiday lodges will help provide a tourism boost for the area.

A planning statement submitted on behalf of the applicant by Roger Parry and Partners LLP, proposes the lodge development as a form of diversification and economic development.

It states: “The land is an inconspicuous location close to the small town of Llanfair Caereinion, with very few properties nearby.

“The proposal will provide a holiday let site which will in turn support the local tourism of the area, and indirectly support local businesses and sites where visitors will visit.

“The proposal is for three holiday lets, sited adjacent to an existing hedgerow within an agricultural field.

“There will be hardstanding created surrounding the three cabins, forming a parking area for vehicles.

“The holiday lets will be small scale lodges, with no dig foundation and primarily cladding. The approximate dimensions of them are 6m by 3.12m by 12m.

“The cabin will have toilets connected to a foul sewerage treatment plant which will discharge into a soakaway.”

The statement adds: “The proposed scheme has been specifically designed to be minimal, in that the lodges are single storey and low lying, therefore small scale in nature.

“The new track proposed within the site will be from the existing field entrance and will serve the three lodges.

“The existing access track to the property will be used to access the site with ample visibility in both directions being provided onto the highway

“As explored within this statement, the proposed scheme of three lodges, is considered modest in scale and design to fit in with the existing venture and within an agricultural field landscaped by existing hedgerows and proposed landscaping, which is in line with current planning policies.”

Powys County Council planners will make a decision on the application at a later date.

The application can be viewed on the council’s planning website.