A Formula One fan from Newtown has praised Lewis Hamilton after equalling the all time championship record.

Jodie White has travelled the globe following the sport for more than a decade and remembers her first introduction to Hamilton at Silverstone in 2006.

While a firm Nico Rosberg fan, Jodie has enjoyed watching Hamilton ever since.

Jodie said: "There was an undeniable buzz around this up and coming' British driver, Lewis Hamilton.

"Fast forward 14 years and this up and coming driver has just equalled the all time record for Formula 1 World Driver's Championships, held by Michael Schumacher.

"It is such an incredible achievement, and even though I would never have called myself a Lewis fan, I am very much a Nico Rosberg supporter, I cannot deny how exciting it has been to watch Lewis racing.

"It's always been evident how talented Lewis is. His driving skills are exceptional and the ways in which finds those extra couple of tenths, setting fastest lap after fastest lap, are evidence of this.

"I've been fortunate to witness many of his wins at Silverstone and the atmosphere there following a Hamilton victory is just electric.

"To be an F1 fan at the moment is special, to witness history being made by one of the greatest sports people of our times, it is phenomenal.

"Congratulations Lewis, you deserve it."