THE lives of three men from Newtown would intertwine and often follow similar paths.

George Latham, Richard Morris and Harry Beadles were all born and bred in Newtown at the turn of the 20th century.

Each would go onto enjoy professional football careers and serve in the military.

Latham and Morris both served in the Boer War while Latham and Beadles also fought in the Great War.


Born Newtown circa 1880 (baptized 5 February 1882), died Newtown 1939

10 caps: (Liverpool) v Scotland, England 1905; v Scotland 1906; v Ireland, Scotland, England 1907; v England 1908; v Ireland 1909; (Southport Central) v England 1910; (Cardiff C) v Ireland 1913

Career: New Road School; Newtown 1897-98, 1901-1902; Liverpool 1902-09 18 apps; Southport Central 1909-11; Cardiff 1911-32 (player-coach in 1911); Chester (trainer) 1932-34; Cardiff C (trainer)

County Times:

George Latham.

George Latham’s name is now perhaps associated only with Latham Park, home of Newtown FC, but in the inter war years he was one of the great characters of Welsh football.

After returning from the Boer War in South Africa, Latham signed for Liverpool and was called up for the Welsh national team.

Latham served as captain of the 7th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers on the Turkish front in the Great War, winning the Military Cross

Latham enjoyed success as a manager and won the FA Cup with Cardiff City in 1927 as well as coaching the Great Britain Olympic football team.

He retired to Newtown following a cycling accident and died a few few months before the outbreak of the Second World War. He remembered as a legend.


Born Llanllwchaiarn, Newtown 1897; died Sychdyn, 1958

Inside left

Two caps: (Cardiff C) v Scotland, England 1925

Career: Newtown RWW 1912-14; Newtown FC 1919; Graysons FC; Liverpool 1921-24 17 apps six goals; Cardiff City 1924-25 31, 14 goals; Sheffield Wednesday 1925-26; Southport 1926-29 93 apps 60 goals; Dundalk FC (player-coach) 1929-30.

County Times:

Harry Beadles.

HARRY BEADLES left school at the age of 12 and worked at Newtown’s Royal Welsh Warehouse before enlisting to serve in the Great War, winning the Serbian Gold Medal in 1917.

In 1921 Beadles signed for Liverpool in 1921, winning two league titles.

Beadles joined George Latham’s Cardiff City in 1924, earning national honours and ending runner-up in the 1925 FA Cup final.

Beadles enjoyed several years at Southport before managing Dundalk. In retirement Beadles was a bar manager officer before his death near Mold in 1958.


Born Newtown 1876; died Sussex 1957

Outside left/inside left

11 caps: (Druids) v England, Scotland, (Newtown) v Ireland 1902; (Liverpool) v Scotland, Ireland 1903; v England, Scotland, Ireland 1904; (Leeds C) v Scotland 1906; (Grimsby) v Ireland 1907; (Plymouth) v Ireland 1908, 1 goal.

Career: Newtown; Newtown RWW; Druids 1902; Liverpool 1902-05 35 apps five goals; Leeds C May 1905-06 27 apps five goals; Grimsby 1906-07 24 apps seven goals; Plymouth 1907- 1908 27 apps seven goals; Reading; Huddersfield; Merthyr 1913.

County Times:

Dicky Morris.

DICKY Morris served alongside George Latham in the Boer War where he won the Queen’s South Africa Medal and the King’s South Africa Medal.

Morris joined Latham at Liverpool in 1902 and enjoyed an international career with Wales with spells at Leeds City, Grimsby Town, Plymouth Argyle, Reading, Huddersfield Town and Merthyr Tydfil before retiring in to Sussex in 1913 where he died in 1957.