So why is Powys undertaking a consultation to create an all through school in Llanfair Caereinion?

Its March 2020 ‘Strategy for Transforming Education’ states that concentrating on such less important matters has been an example of the “historical lack of political decision making” regarding education in Powys.

Such Powys mismanagement to quote the same document has resulted in a “reduced post 14 and post 16 provision” both in English and Welsh medium. (March 2020).

Apparently it was in April 2020 the process to establish this latest consultation for an all through school in Llanfair Caereinion, based on the earlier review of 2019, was approved.

Does the education authority suffer from short term memory loss?

Does the education authority really care about educational standards?

So again I ask why did Powys decide to undertake the consultation despite an earlier declaration that basically all through schools did nothing to address the real problems of deteriorating educational provision in Powys?

Furthermore did political leaders within the authority read the consultation document which states “it is not anticipated that establishment of an all-age school in Llanfair Caereinion would have a significant impact on learner benefits compared with the status quo”.

I could not have presented the logic against the consultation any better.

Political leadership in Powys has been found wanting.

In the past 10 years nothing has been done to address the problems in secondary education other than changes that are equivalent to changing the seating plan on the Titanic.

Rhisiart ap Rhys