A STAFF member at Morrisons in Welshpool has raised more than £1,000 for a greyhound rescue charity.

Tracey Woodland and six year-old ex-racing greyhound Jenny set off on their travels up Cadair Idris, a near 3,000ft mountain.

She chose to escort Jenny up this mountain and try and raise £500 to help Hector’s Greyhound Rescue charity continue their work, to find abandoned greyhounds a human to love them.

During their ascent Tracey said she became concerned; her experiences of height induced vertigo and the collywobbles that follow are what made the walk a challenge.

As they made progress the view disappeared and the mist descended

Along the way some youngsters from Birmingham stopped for a chat while Tracey and Jenny set out to do what they intended, and a few minutes later the party caught up and used Tracey as the pathfinder.

Tracey chatted with the party and told some greyhound tales and the motives behind her endeavour as they continue with the ‘let’s -just-head-up strategy’.

With half hour to go; destination Cadair and £500 was within reach, Jenny looked a little tired, Tracey more so, as she has got out of breath trying to convince at least one of the Birmingham party that they would benefit from having a greyhound in their household, alternatively, they could make a little donation to the charity.

It was not long before the final ascent started.

Jenny was off the lead, having got the hang of mountain climbing now and seeming to sense that something important was being done and that the goal is to climb the boulders, she became quite adept at picking little paths that suit her delicate feet.

With very poor visibility suddenly the trig point that is the peak of Cadiar (Penygadair) was there.

“We’ve made it.” Tracey called out, adding: “You clever little dog.”

After an equally enlightening return journey and some three weeks later, Tracey managed to pull together all the contributions from people that are sympathetic to Hector’s work with a total of £1,043 raised.