Coronavirus’ financial impact on two Newtown businesses has been raised in the House of Commons.

Montgomeryshire MP Craig Williams called on the UK and Welsh Governments to support creative industries such as The Hafren theatre and Mid Wales Music Centre.

During a debate about support measures for creative industries during and after the pandemic, Mr Williams said: “Never mind the west end, because in mid Wales, Theatr Hafren is where it’s at.

“This fantastic theatre is linked to Newtown College, which is causing it problems in accessing funding through the Arts Council of Wales, the Welsh Government and other Government agencies, because they are saying that it could lean on the college.

“Well, our colleges are also under financial strain and, of course, they should focus on their core mission of education.

“I ask the Minister to work with the Welsh Government and find out whether there are any vehicles or avenues to support the theatres that are linked to colleges, or, indeed, to schools.

“These are the least subsidised theatres in Wales, and they are the ones that have been delivering during these tough financial times and the ones that I would argue need the most support.”

Let me turn now to the supply chains in the creative industry. Mid Wales Music Centre, which is the largest music retailer in Wales, is run by Phil and Bobby Barnwell. It is a brilliant shop, with a huge reach. It has been operating for 33 years, but it is now restructuring to try to get the family business to survive. It has stepped up and provided equipment to music tutors to help them through tough times. It is incumbent on the UK Government, the Welsh Government and other agencies now to support it.