Property owners and residents in Powys have two weeks left to have their say on council tax premium charges on long-term empty properties, which does not include second homes.

Councillor Aled Davies said: “We are keen to understand why some properties, almost 1,000 in Powys, are left empty for long periods of time by their owners.

"We are interested in the potential impact increasing the council tax premium on these properties would have in bringing them back into use."

Unfurnished and unoccupied for more than a year, since April 1, 2017 long-term empty properties in Powys are subject to a council tax premium of 50 per cent, resulting in a total council tax charge of 150 per cent.

Regulations allow for a 100 per cent council tax premium to be charged on these properties resulting in a total charge of 200 per cent.

Owners who are planning to bring their residential property back into use can apply for the council's free, home improvement loan scheme funded by the Welsh Government.

To respond to the consultation, the online survey can be found here on the council’s consultation hub.

The consultation closes at midnight on Friday, October 30.