The Park in the centre of Newtown has been confirmed as the preferred site for a “campus” which could bring health, social care, education and volunteer organisations together in one place.

In May 2019, the Welsh Government announced that £2.5 million of funding had been made available to start the project.

Known as the North Powys Wellbeing programme, it is a collaboration between Powys County Council (PCC) and Powys Teaching Health Board (PTHB).

The project has been described, as a  “once in a generation opportunity to bring together organisations to enhance and transform the way services are delivered to the community”.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, work on the project stopped for a time, as staff were redeployed to deal with the crisis.

But since July the team have been back working on the business case submission to the Welsh Government.

At the PCC Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, October 20, councillors will receive a report that outlines proposals for the site.

Options being considered include a new-build school, health and care centre, library and specialist housing.

County Times:

The potential site layout

And depending on their size, they could cost anywhere between £64 million and £83 million.

The documents explains why Newtown’s The Park area has been chosen.

The document says that it is: “A good location, accessible to centre of the town, to the Open Newtown programme, recent housing initiatives and to other transport and amenities.”

It is also the right size and with potential for expansion, and is also seen as having therapeutic properties that are “ideal for promoting well-being; open green spaces, views, on the banks of the Severn”.

Building it in Newtown also mean that there are opportunities of working with the arts organisations, voluntary sector and business.

According to the business case, having it close to the town centre could also help support economic growth and regeneration in the area.

While the Programme Business Case, provides “high-level options”, more detailed work will be done as the project progresses.

If cabinet approves the business case, it will be presented to the Welsh Government on Friday, October 23.