THE town is celebrating the small screen success of one of its own after the screening of a ITV drama.

Alliea Nazar, from Llanfyllin, has worked in television as a script executive, development producer and for the last couple of years as a drama producer.

Alliea’s rising success was reflected last week in the two-part, heart-rending, factual drama ‘Honour’, about the murder of Banaz Mahmod, which was screened on ITV last Monday and Tuesday.

Banaz Mahmod was 20 years old when, in 2006, she was murdered by her uncle and father after they said she had shamed their family.

Written by Gwyneth Hughes, it closely followed Keeley Hawes, as DCI Caroline Goode, the former Scotland Yard detective, who vowed she would not rest until she finally got justice for Banaz.

DCI Goode won a medal for her investigation into the so-called ‘honour killing’.

The series was produced by Alliea, who has praised actress Buket Komur for her portrayal of the tragic central character Banaz Mahmod.

Producer Alliea Nazar said of Buket Komur’s performance in the drama: “To play a real life character is nerve-racking for any performer, but to play a person who has been murdered in such tragic circumstances is a responsibility of some magnitude and one Buket shouldered with grace, respect, skill and maturity beyond her years.”

As a child Alliea went to Llanfyllin primary and high school and many of her family live in the town.

She has previously worked on successful shows such as Holby City, Casualty, Heartbeat and M.I High.

Honour is available via the ITV Hub.