THERE is no need for a farmer on the Powys/Shropshire border near Welshpool to submit a planning application to build a new barn.

The proposals was put before the planning committee at their meeting on Thursday, October 1 because the applicants J and H Corfield are relatives of Cllr Linda Corfield.

Cllr Corfield (Independent – Fordern) declared an interest and logged out of the meeting while the item was being discussed.

Earlier, she had told councillors but she was “no longer part of that business”.

Planning officer, Gwyn Humphreys, said: “While Cllr Corfield has subsequently explained that she is no longer involved in the running of the agricultural business.

“Given that her name is included in the application form, officers consider it necessary in line with the council’s constitution and the planning procedures for the application to be considered by the committee.

“The notification is made to determine whether full planning permission is needed for the construction of an agriculture building for the storage of fodder and farming implements.”

Mr Humphreys said that the location was 550 metres west of the border with Shropshire, and would be to the east of the existing farm complex.

It would be 24.4 metres in length, 18.6 metres in width giving an floor area of 454 square metres.

Mr Humphreys added that as the farm is 80 hectares in area, it did benefit from being allowed permitted development rights.

Mr Humphreys said: “Looking at the criteria, the floor area is below the 465 square metres threshold.

“The maximum height of nine metres is below the 12 metre threshold.”

He said that the proposal “met all of the criteria” for general permitted development.

Cllr Les George (Caersws – Conservative), said: “This is a development for a successful farm, in open countryside, by a young farmer in the industry keen to take the farm forward.

“I propose we approve the application.”

Cllr Gareth Jones (Llanfair Caereinion – Independent): “I echo the words Cllr George has said, this would not be before us if a family member not been a councillor."

Cllr Jones seconded the proposal which was backed unanimously by all 14 councillors.