OWNERS of a Montgomeryshire holiday home park have been given the green light to press ahead with extending the premises by another 28 caravans.

Planners eventually approved the extension at Valley View Holiday Park near Guilsfield on Monday after nine months of deliberation.

The original application was submitted in January of this year but had hit several snags due to environmental concerns – chiefly regarding the impact the works would have on nearby great crested newt and bat populations.

There is also a public footpath from neighbouring Meifod that runs through the proposed site and information was sought on how the footpath will be protected during and after the works.

Concerns had also initially been raised but quickly alleyed regarding the run-off of drainage water, with Powys County Council’s Environmental Health department and Severn Trent offering no objections to the application.

The biggest concerns were raised by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) who spoke of “significant concerns” regarding the possible destruction of habitats.

In a report submitted to the council, NRW planning advisor Cinzia Sertorio said ecological reports revealed how the newts – a protected species – and roosting bats could be affected by proposals.

The newts’ breeding sites and resting places are protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 and would likely be impacted while the bats might be affected by the addition of artificial lighting at this site.

It was advised that a European Protected Species (EPS) licence be acquired by developers for it to go ahead.