CALON Meddwl Corff (Heart Mind Body) is celebrating a dual achievement.

It is planning to increase the scope of support it offers and its online timetable, designed to support the community during lockdown.

The group also wants to mark and celebrate the success of its bid to PAVO’s Moving Forward Fund.

In partnership with Ecodyfi, the group is now planning to roll out the Eginiad Bursary scheme, which will initially last for six months. A range of therapies will be on offer through the project, enabling those in need quick and easy access to short term therapeutic support. Successful recipients will be asked to contribute £5 towards each session.

Dr Julia Wallond, GP at Dyfi Valley Health Machynlleth said: “Our current mental health services are overstretched, often with long waits to be seen, so this is a welcome initiative that offers low cost professional support for mental and emotional wellbeing, particularly given the added stress in these times.”

As lockdown eases, Calon Meddwl Corff are giving thanks to all the facilitators, participants and the dedicated team who made their ongoing online timetable of interesting and varied sessions such a success.

This project has been supported by the Community Resilience Fund Wales.

For the whole of lockdown the timetable has supported more than 200 local people,

Gwenan O’Connor said: “The last couple of months have made a massive difference to my fitness and my mood.

“The Calon Meddwl Corff sessions are so enjoyable. My week wouldn’t be the same without them. The fact that they are done through Zoom, in my own home, has been such a boon for me.”

Calon Meddwl Corff formed as a response to the announcement of lockdown and the surrounding issues of loneliness, physical health and mental wellbeing.

At the start of the pandemic they held 28 sessions every week, and over the course of lockdown its online timetable ran almost 500 sessions.

Calon Meddwl Corff is working in partnership with Ecodyfi and Coed lleol and is also supported by Wales Coronavirus Resilience Fund and Dyfi Community Energy Fund.

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