THE County Times Camera Club has once again delivered with an outstanding selection of images to showcase the beauty of Powys.

We are blessed to live in such an area where nature and man continue to live alongside one another, much as they have for centuries.

Perhaps its occupants owe a great debt to the natural terrain of mid Wales for ensuring it has remained largely untouched over the years.

Our steep valleys have offered exercise, refuge and inspiration to Powys residents and tourists since a time before records began and continue to do so today.

The English writer Gilbert Chesterton once said: “One sees great things from the valley and only small things from the peak.”

American author Spencer Johnson also spoke of the virtues of valleys, saying: “Between peaks there are always valleys, how you manage your valley determines how soon you reach your next peak.”

Certainly valleys can be used a metaphor for the struggles and triumphs of daily life.

Perhaps when we reach the peaks we can reflect on the views and put our own troubles into some perspective.

Of course without valleys we would not have our reservoirs and the breathtaking scenery around the Craig Goch.

This part of mid Wales has become increasingly popular during lockdown as a place capable of conjuring breathtaking beauty.