A retired couple from Aberhosan near Machynlleth accidentally wiped out the internet coverage in the village every day for 18 months when watching Piers Morgan on television.

Alun and Elaine Rees's £30 16" Bush television set was identified by BT Openreach's top engineers as the cause of the village's broadband issues, which affected around 400 residents.

Retired farmer Alun, 67, and former GP receptionist Elaine, 63, admitted during a live interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain that they had no idea that their TV was cutting the signal when they switched on at 7am to watch the popular ITV programme.

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Mrs Rees told the programme on Wednesday morning: "One morning we were sitting in bed watching you on the telly and we heard some people talking outside and it was the BT Openreach people walking around with a meter.

"They stopped outside our house and pointed the meter at us and they said 'your television is causing a breakdown with the internet, can you switch it off?'

"We switched it off and the internet came back on, apparently. He said 'do you mind not using this television anymore?' and that was it."

An investigation by Openreach engineers revealed a burst of electrical interference in Aberhosan at 7am each day, which was traced to a property in the village.

The couple immediately agreed to switch off the television and not to use it again – and since then there have been no more problems.