A MOTION will be discussed on Thursday that could bring down the speed limit to 20 mph in some Powys towns.

The cross-group motion is being put forward at Powys County Council's full meeting by Cllr Stephen Hayes (Montgomery – Independent), and is seconded by Cllr Jackie Charlton (Llangattock – Liberal Democrat).

In July, the Senedd voted in favour of having 20mph as a default speed limit in residential streets.

They hope that the decision will come into force in 2023.

The motion says in front of Powys Councillors says:  “Council welcomes the recent Senedd vote to introduce a default 20mph speed limit in residential areas from 2023.

“Recognising that Powys contains a number of small towns of exceptional historic interest where the speed of traffic adversely affects the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors, Council agrees to:

  • Work collaboratively with communities which wish to assess the potential benefit of, and if appropriate institute, a 20mph speed limit in their town centre area
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities offered in Circular 24/2009, to improve the safety of vulnerable road users and consider the impact of traffic speed limits on communities
  • Demonstrate and evidence proper regard to the needs of road users other than those in motor vehicles for example, those on foot, on horseback and cyclists and those with impaired mobility or sensory deprivation when designing and implementing new traffic orders.”

Power over national speed limits was devolved to Wales in 2018.

In 2019, Welsh Government First Minister Mark Drakeford  MS said that local authorities have discretion to keep 30mph zones on key arterial routes.

He said: “Outside that, and in residential areas, we know that 20mph zones reduce speed of traffic, reduce accidents – particularly accidents to children, and we want to see that become the default position right across Wales.”

The Welsh Government guidance on Setting Local Speed Limits in Wales, in Circular 24/2009 says that the aim should be to achieve a “safe” distribution of speed.

It adds that the needs of “vulnerable road users and communities” must be fully taken into account, when making decision on speed limits.