I AM writing to comment on your article in yesterday’s paper (September 10, 2020) on Broad Energy’s decision to start “consulting” on their proposal to develop an incinerator in the Trewern Valley in the following terms:

How can this be a proper consultation?

I am shocked that Broad Energy intends to conduct a consultation on this controversial proposal during a time of national emergency.

In this restricted Covid-19 world, I can’t challenge the developer’s statements in an open forum, or follow-up responses to questions posed in a public meeting, I can’t meet with my neighbours to discuss concerns; my elected representatives at community council and county level can’t hold face to face meetings to explore residents’ views.

The usual paper based ways of making sure all residents receive alternative views (flyers, newsletters) are also out in a time of coronavirus. All that when levels of anxiety are already high.

This is a disgrace.

I look to the County Times to allow as much coverage to those who oppose the proposal as it has given to the developers.

Karin Thompson

Hope, Welshpool