WELCOME to another week of the County Times Camera Club.

This week our camera club members once again take us on visual journey of the past week of life in Powys.

One cannot help but feel inspired by these intrepid photographers who brave mid Wales’ most rural beauty spots come rain and shine in search of inspiration.

While mid Wales is not short of places which could break any poet’s writer’s block it seems Elan Valley is among the favourite places to find such inspiration.

The five lakes of the Claerwen, Craig-goch, Pen-y-garreg, Garreg-ddu, and Caban-coch came into being in 1896 and covers an area of more than 1,500 acres.

While providing drinking water to the West Midlands for more than a century the Elan Valley lakes have also won a place in the hearts and minds of locals and tourists alike and each year more people descend on the area near Rhayader than the last.

The area’s history has inspired two books - the The House under the Water published by Francis Brett Young in 1932 and Elizabeth Clarke’s 1969 book called The Valley.

In more recent times mid Wales has become home to windfarms.

While windfarms remain a divisive topic for many mid Wales residents they have become part of the skyline since they first arrived in the mid 90s.

Some argue they are a blot on the region’s hills while others argue they add some variety in a debate likely to continue for many years.