A ROADMAP to a new normal has been approved by Powys County Council’s cabinet.

At a meeting on Tuesday, September 15, head of transformation and communication Emma Palmer outlined a to-do list that will eventually feed into an updated corporate improvement plan which will need to be delivered from April 2021.

She told councillors that at the top of the recovery planning list, would be ensuring that this year’s budget finishes in a balanced position.

Ms Palmer, said: “We’re still working within the pandemic, some of the things we must operate in for the foreseeable future is mandatory social distancing, alongside a clear direction to work from home where possible.

“The phased re-start of services has been alongside work to prevent further spikes of the coronavirus.”

At the last cabinet meeting in July, councillors were told that the financial black hole they faced this year could be £13 million.

Since then the financial position has changed.

Ms Palmer added: “It is anticipated that a balance budget will include a blend of service proposals, Welsh Government support, capitalisation and use of reserves.”

Details of proposals from services, for savings and cut were being “worked through”, said Ms Palmer.

Head of finance Jane Thomas is already looking towards the 2021/22 budget and said that they were a “little delayed” in starting to plan it.

The recovery planning report has set out a timeframe for work to follow and be completed.

Ms Thomas said: “This will enable us to clearly understand the impact of the pandemic and then be able to plan that recovery and build our budget for next year and sustainable budgets over the medium term.”

Council leader Rosemarie Harris said:  “We are trying make some big decisions over the next few weeks.

“We formed some working groups to look at all service area because we realise there are some that we don’t need to provide in quite the same way and there are some significant changes that we make.”