Natural Resources Wales has introduced a number of new services aimed at helping keep people informed in the event of flooding like that which blighted Powys earlier this year.

New services have now launched on the environmental group's website aimed at improving how live flood warning and water level data is shared before and during floods.

It includes the River Level, Rainfall and Sea Data service, which provides live data from over 400 monitoring stations across Wales, and which is also considered a valuable resource for recreational river users such as anglers and water-based activity enthusiasts.

Other new services include flood warnings and alerts, and five-day flood risk information.

Jeremy Parr, NRW’s head of flood and incident risk management, said: “The new digital services are being introduced as part of our commitment to improve warning and informing services to support communities in Wales at risk of flooding.

“Flooding can be devastating, and it is important that there is comprehensive flood risk and river level information available to everyone.

“The very wet winter period and this year’s flood events in several communities across Wales have shown the significant impacts flooding can have on families, businesses and communities.

“The scientific consensus is that our climate is changing and extreme weather events like those experienced this year will become more common.

“This means that we will all need to change and adapt to make ourselves as resilient as possible to the impacts which climate change will continue to have on our communities."

The new services feature a number of improvements to the existing Check river levels and check flood warnings pages on the NRW website.