Concerned residents have warned of the dangers of a road near Montgomery.

Residents completed a three-day traffic survey at Hendomen Lane last month.

The road, which has Access Only since 2000, has seen an increase in traffic from non-residents, and the survey was part of a campaign to encourage compliance by those using the lane illegally.

Resident Bruce Lawson confirmed that the results of the survey on the narrow lane, just nine feet across in some places, amounted to a traffic movement every five minutes from 5.30am to 8.30pm – some 180 daily vehicles.

The police confirm they have cautioned a significant number of transgressors in recent weeks and will continue to carry out spot checks.

While the residents understand that the police may have other priorities presently, they are grateful for this support of their concerns.

The lane is being used as a through road or, as Bruce described it, a ‘rat run’, with both commercial and other vehicles using it as a shortcut.

There are few passing places on the single-track road, and weekly movements are believed to be sometimes at least double the survey figures, when holiday and significant agricultural traffic is included.