EVERY week our County Times Camera Club capture the beauty and uniqueness of life in mid Wales.

The question is often asked and while perhaps we are biased in our reasoning it is once again worth pondering whether we live in the most beautiful part of Wales, if not the entire United Kingdom.

Perhaps there is no definite answer but if anyone highlights the gems of mid Wales then surely it is our ever growing band of virtual story tellers.

Among them is Sorcha Lewis who has become synonymous with her breathtaking images of her beloved Elan Valley – including Garreg Ddu reservoir.

Sorcha said: “Once where the manor house of Cwm Elan House and a number of small farms stood. Garreg-ddu dam though looking like a viaduct, is actually a submerged dam.

“Its role was to maintain a sufficient level of water in the reservoir which then enters the Foel Tower and travels along the gravity-driven aqueduct to Frankley Reservoir in Birmingham.

“This dam is only required to operate during times of extreme drought. Which definitely is not this year.”

Indeed Elan Valley and its breathtaking scenery has become all the more popular this year with locals and tourists coming to appreciate it all the more during six months of government lockdown restrictions.

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