FORMER Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies is back in politics as the new chair of the Wales Conservatives.

Mr Davies stood down as MP before the 2019 General Election having been first elected in 2010, and having been Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire before that.

He was succeeded as MP by fellow Conservative Craig Williams, but Mr Davies's retirement from politics has lasted just nine months as he succeeds Lord Byron of Gower.

In a Facebook post confirming his new role, Mr Davies said: "So much for retiring from politics last December. Seems I’m right back into it. Tonight I became Chair of the Wales Conservative Party... with some real challenges before me.

"We are just embarking on a review of the Welsh Conservative Party. First review for 23 years. There may be controversy but we cannot avoid facing up - and quickly. Often been my lot in life. I’ve never ducked it, and won’t now.

"Luckily Lord Byron of Gower, who has retired as Chair after three years has taken over as President of the Party, so I have a steadying hand to guide me, and experience I can call on.

"For three years he’s put his heart and soul into it. We are different, we are friends and both want the Wales Conservative Party to connect with the Welsh people. Also have two great deputies in Sam Rowlands and Tomos Dafis as well. And special thanks to Lyndon Jones, retiring President who has given much of his life to the Party."

Mr Davies added: Two big issues in short term. Firstly response to Wales Party Review just finished by Lord Mark McInnis. Luckily the UK Central HQ team are determined as I am to deliver on it.

"And then there’s Senedd elections next May.

I" told the party members on our Zoom meeting tonight that I would do best I can to work with our candidates and with the Welsh people. Our ambition is primarily to help Wales and the Welsh People be successful. We need, above all else a team, all committed to that objective."