A consultation into the future of alcohol sales in Powys is set to get under way.

Powys Council has to publish a revised version of its licensing policy every five years, and last did so in 2016, so will now be updating its procedures in January.

Now it must bring in a new policy which takes into account new rules in Wales around alcohol pricing.

The minimum alcohol unit price of 50p – intended to prevent people drinking cheap, strong alcohol – came into force in Wales this year, and now needs to be included in Powys Council's licensing policy.

The power to revoke a personal licence has been included in the act – meaning that if a licence holder has a conviction, the police can make a case whether they were “fit” to hold a licence.

This would be considered by councillors on the licensing sub-committee.

Senior licensing officer Sue Jones told a licensing committee meeting that it was a "completely new power", adding: “Anyone can make a representation.

“Applications are advertised on our website and go in the local paper and on the property, and we always send a new application to a local member.”

Powys has about 1,000 licensed premises including pubs, cinemas, theatres, community buildings, restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops and late night food venues.

In the region of 2,600 personal licences have been issued, and 800 temporary licences are processed every year, including for events such as the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, Hay Literary Festival, The Greenman Festival, Brecon Jazz, and many smaller events, festivals and shows.